Henschen Ltd. Is an old-established Basel moving company whose main goal since 1923 has been to provide excellent services.

Our clients can expect:

Personal consulting tailored to your individual needs

For four generations the Henschen Family and its staff have provided their clients with personal advice and support. Thanks to their vast practical experience and their dependability, clients can be assured of relocating without stress.
And, of course, a family enterprise stands for a direct and speedy flow of information.

Quality at the highest level

Comprehensive consultancy before your relocation, a perfectly organized and carried out move and straightforward clearing of any, albeit rare, damage events, are all self-evident. We constantly strive to perfect our services. Any suggestions or criticisms on the part of our clients are taken seriously and carefully examined.

Thorough and friendly expert staff

Our staff is carefully selected, very experienced and undergoes continuous further training. Staff at Henschen Ltd. Are very obliging and responsive to the clients' wishes.

State-of-the-art equipment

We put at our client's disposal everything required for efficient work-flow, from our clean, perfectly designed moving vans, to innumerable appliances, a number of which we developed ourselves.
Henschen AG
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