In May 1923 Friedrich Henschen founded the Henschen Transport Company. Its first premises where on Klybeckstrasse in Basel while the workyard was situated at Hochbergerstrasse, near the „Badische“ railway station, thus assuring the connection to the railway hub.
In addition to furniture transport, which already had international dimensions, at the time Henschen also transported and dealt with coal and wood. This sideline was necessary because moving was still clearly limited to the beginning of a quarter. Also, it was generally not allowed to terminate a lease in December, which meant that Henschen had to transport coal and wood to tide them over this period.
In the early years of Henschen Transport removals were done by horse and wagon. But as early as 1925 the borrowed horses were replaced by a second-hand „Berna“ truck.
In 1954 Friedrich Henschen turned the Transport Company over to Fritz Henschen who in 1963 moved its premises to Hofackerstrasse in Muttenz. Trade with coal and wood was abandoned due to the now lacking direct rail connection.
As of 1968 the transport of goods was added to that of furniture, works of art and freight. In 1976 Fritz Henschen hat to move out of Hofackerstrasse where the rent was being continually raised. At Marschalkenstrasse 8 in Muttenz he found the new - and current - location for Henschen Ltd.
More and more, the transport of goods and freight, with a few expections, was displaced by the ever increasing transport of furniture. 1988 saw the third generation, Peter Henschen, take over the Furniture and Artwork Transport Company Henschen Ltd..
The fourth generation of the Henschen Family is already actively represented in the Company and looks forward to offering their clients advice and practical support.
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